"Just returned from an amazing cultural and food tour of Peru. From the first Pisco sour to the flight home our trip couldn't have been better. The Food in Lima was phenomenal. The wine pairing dinners and lunch were great. I'm certain that on our own we would have never experienced the same. Juan was available all the time with any questions we had." 

"Many words of praise for Juan and Peru Culinary Journeys. Every part of the tour was exceptionally well thought through. From Juan greeting us with Peru's Pisco Sours, to introducing us to a wondrous historically fascinating people, places, and times. We tasted Peruvian foods and fruits. We tried several tasting menus paired with harmonious wine and drink pairings. Never a dull moment. Never rushed. Just perfect for ending 2018 and a new start to 2019. Loved Peru!"

"Some of the best food on the face of this Earth, Check. Bucket list place to visit, check. Juan goes above and beyond, trust me, to make sure your vacation is exactly that, a vacation."

"My husband and I recently went on the Spring Break Culinary Journey in Peru and absolutely loved it! Juan takes care of literally everything!! It was the first trip we have ever taken that I didn't have to plan. Every detail was taken care of and even throughout the trip as excursions would run long or you just need a relaxing night, Juan was there to take all the stress out of changing plans while traveling."

About Peru Culinary Journeys

For over a decade Peru has been my second home as I have traveled in the country leading educational tours in Lima and Cuzco. This is what drove me to establish Peru Culinary Journeys. We are a group of educators and avid food lovers, who have gotten to know and love Peruvian cuisine. We have dedicated ourselves to finding the best restaurants in Peru and we are eager to share them with you in this tour de force of culinary delight. These restaurants do not simply offer an experience for the palate. They deliver an experience for all the senses: a journey through tastes and textures, smells and sensations, and sights and sounds that ensnare the spirit. We want to share these experiences with people like you, who can spend all night talking about food, who can enjoy the intricacies of a fine meal, and who live to enjoy fantastic food.

At Peru Culinary Journeys, we are personally invested in making sure that this journey fulfills and exceeds your expectations.  One of us will be available to you from the moment you arrive in Lima until the moment you depart.  Every detail of this experience has been planned with you in mind. All breakfasts are included as are several glorious lunches/dinners at world-class restaurants. All gratuities are also included so that you can concentrate on the food and the people with whom you will share this  time. You will stay in 4 and 5 star hotels in Lima and Cuzco and you will visit one of the most beautiful sites in the world: Machu Picchu. 

Everything about this culinary experience is about giving you the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s greatest food.  If you have ever been brought to tears by a particularly exquisite meal, if your friends know that you have the best restaurant recommendations, if you understand that a good meal is even better with people who appreciate food as much as you do, then this experience is for you. This is an opportunity to travel with like-minded people (the tour is limited to 12 people). It is an opportunity to visit a fascinating country and discover it through its cuisine.

What separates us from other food tours is the scope of the service. Included in our 10-day package are eleven dinners/lunches in Peru's top restaurants.  Six of these meals are tasting menus and five of these include wine pairings. In addition to these meals, all breakfasts are included as are all gratuities for the meals in the package. We have arranged for all your transfers, domestic air to and from Cuzco, entrance fees, hotel gratuities, guides, transportation to and from the restaurants, and any other costs associated with the activities outlined in our itinerary. The only additional costs you will need to cover are for any meals that are not part of the itinerary, transportation to activities not listed on the itinerary, airfare to Lima, mandatory travel insurance (see FAQ for more information), and souvenirs.

Of course, there is free time worked into the itinerary. Should you require anything else during this experience, we will be there to recommend and arrange any other activities you may desire. Should any problems arise, night or day, we will be happy to help you resolve them. In short, we offer our services to you 24 hours a day while you partake in this adventure.  

Come join us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!